My workshops provide substantive equity-based learning experiences in areas pertaining to cultural, racial, and economic diversity, biases, and culturally responsive practices.  They also provide step-by-step training to educators in the use of Restorative Practices to advance positive school culture, climate, and staff development.




Let's face it, developing biases on the basis of race, gender, social class, and other identity markers is an unavoidable part of human socialization.


It's when these often unconscious biases become embedded within school cultures, adverse experiences are created. These experiences make it difficult for students from underrepresented groups to thrive in traditional classrooms.

In addressing this reality, I look to provide customized training sessions to introduce educators to the dynamics of instructional leadership when cultural, ethnic, or economic disparities exist. Such training imparts specific skills to reduce bias-based thinking, facilitate better teacher-student relationships, and improve school culture and climate. 

Join one of the INFLIGHT, LLC training sessions and expect to: