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 Curriculum and Cultural Reviews 
based on Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

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INFLIGHT, LLC conducts Curriculum Reviews of non-elective courses in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and K - 5 Math.  Such work involves a deep dive into written and taught curricula and instructional materials to identify and cite how and where more rigorous and culturally aware strategies can be applied. At the end of this process, teachers will know the optimal ways to meet the learning needs of diverse learners. 

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Cultural Diversity Reviews are powerful assessment tools. They enable you and your administrative team to discover stakeholders' perceptions and skills regarding select diversity issues.


School districts typically use Cultural Diversity Reviews to ascertain their communities' readiness to embrace a diversity, equity, or inclusion initiative, or to monitor the health of an initiative already under way.


The information obtained through the review helps identify a district's assets and challenges in aligning its policies, instructional practices, and programs with its goal of increasing cultural responsiveness.



INFLIGHT, LLC's Cultural Diversity Review involves a six-step process that gleans information from select stakeholder groups. Each step allows for data collection that subsequently informs the next round of inquiry. To aid analysis, surveys are vertically and horizontally aligned to better explore stakeholders' views on targeted diversity issues. For more information, let's talk!

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