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Professional Learning & Student Achievement: Relevant, Real & Relational

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INFLIGHT, LLC is a licensed educational consulting company that consists of highly trained and experienced practitioners. We are ELA, math, and science teachers. We are administrators, researchers, curriculum evaluators, and change practitioners who have a passion for elevating instruction and the skills for transforming passion into effective classroom practices.

In adding service to passion, we provide professional learning and workshops to public school teachers and administrators. These trainings include: 

*   Improving Test Readiness through Rigorous Daily Instruction in ELA

*   Leveraging Cultural Awareness to Improve Math Fluency K -5
*   Culturally Responsive Components of an Effective Lesson 
​*  Overcoming Common Classroom Biases to Improve

     Teaching and Learning 

*Organizational Change and Resistance Management

Customized trainings are also available as part of our commitment to partnership. Contact Us for a No-Obligation 30-minute consultation.

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