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I'm a consummate teacher, certified change management practitioner, professional developer, and former school administrator. I offer equity-based workshops through our parent company, INFLIGHT, LLC, a licensed service provider.

In addition to providing high quality diversity training, I partner with districts to employ time-honored, research-based strategies for embedding equity perspectives and practices into the daily operations of school communities.  Through partnership, we can move our colleagues from training to transformation through tools that assess readiness for change, sponsor training, resistance management, and other critical variables. 

In addition to the work listed above, I serve as a popular trainer for the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) in Monroe Township, New Jersey. As such, I have provided professional development to educators across the state.  Without question, my workshops have been overwhelmingly described as “substantive”, “engaging”, and “dynamic.”

I use my research, experience, humor, and personal transparency to connect with other educators. This connection allows for the open discussion of sensitive issues like race, class, and privilege. Through authentic discourse, we enter "brave spaces" and begin the process transforming schools together.

Multiple Trainings on Biased-based 
Thinking, Strategies for Responding to Racialized Behaviors and Restorative Practices
Introduction to Culturally Responsive Practices as applied to Culture and Race, Economic Discontinuity, Classroom Management, and Instructional Practice 


Cultural Diversity Audits to advance and monitor Diversity & Equity Initiatives
On-going work in Multiple School Districts 
Self-Care for Educators during Times of Change
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Twelve-year-old Elgin Fox woke up one gray morning with a mysterious problem. To solve it, he must pursue adventures to gather the scientific data needed to unravel this mystery.  Along the way, Elgin confronts vulnerabilities in his self-esteem and rising tensions between him and his peers. 

This interplay between logic and emotion gives this narrative depth and relational power. It enables students to learn a concept, called the Scientific Method, through the struggles of a beloved main character. Upper elementary and middle school students will identify with these struggles as they build their understanding of scientific processes. 

KINDLE EBOOK Elgin and The Mysterious Tw